Safety Committee


Safety Committee

The Safety Committee's top priority is the health, safety and well-being of the membership.

The goal of this Committee is to ensure that the Company provides our members with a safe, sanitary and healthful working environment. We will work to ensure that safety policies and practices are in the best interest of the members and will best protect the men and women represented by the Union. 

Committee Members
Ground Safety Reports
Safety Alerts
Teamsters SFO Ground Safety Bulletins
Safety Links

Committee Members


Ralph Ortiz
Safety Committee Chairman
ph.: (650) 745-5868
fax: (650) 952-3196

      Mike Valladares
Components Safety Committeeman
ph.: (650) 745-5869
fax: (650) 873-8108 
Catherine Tkaczyk
OV Safety Committeewoman
ph.: (650) 745-5881
fax: (650) 873-8108

  Tracy MacCorkell
Line Maintenance
ph.: (650) 745-5879
fax: (650) 952-3859


Ground Safety Reports

Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Summer 2012

January – February – March 2010

April -- May - June 2009

January -- February -- March 2009


Safety Alerts

Red Wing Shoe Recall

Alcohol Swab Recall Information

Teamster Safety & Health -- Swine Flu Information Sheet

Swine Flu CDC Q&A

Teamsters SFO Ground Safety Bulletins

Hearing: Keep it and Protect it!

Safety Links


RUN! HIDE! FIGHT! Dept. of Homeland Security: Surviving an Active Shooter Event

WARNING: Some of the images and simulated situation depicted in the video you may find disturbing.

Prescription Safety Eyewear info for United Airlines Employees 


California Health & Safety -- Workplace Safety

Calif. Workers Safety Page

CA Occupational Health Branch

Calif. Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)

California Resource Network for Young Worker Health & Safety

Federal OSHA

Center For Disease Control (CDC)

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Right to Know Fact Sheets

Teamster Safety & Health Fact Sheet

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

West Nile Virus

San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District

U.S. Government Avian Flu Info

Staph Infection (MRSA)

CDC Travelers Health

Online Resource for Recalls

National Safety Council -- Labor Division

Shift Work

How to Prepare for an Emergency


National Council for Occupational Safety & Health

Emergency Preparedness

How to Prepare for an Emergency

FEMA Prepare – Plan

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Prepare my family for disaster

Bay Area Earthquake Alliance

USGS Earthquake Hazardous Program

Food and Water: Preparing for a Disaster




Worker to Worker (film produced by OSHA in 1980)

Can't it Take it No More (film produced by OSHA in 1980)

The Story of OSHA

Protecting Workers, How OSHA Conducts Inspections


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